Summary Statistics

This page provides descriptive statistics for all of the institutions in the data set. If you want to obtain statistics for a single institution or a subset of them, go to Reports or Graphs. If you want to download data for a subset or all of the institutions, go to Extracts.

Please select the year and the variable you wish to display. You must specify the single variable you are interested in or make a ratio by choosing one variable as a numerator and another as a denominator. You can determine the mean and median for your selected variable or ratio. Please refer to the Statistics Glossary for more details on the descriptive statistics reported. These results display the top five and bottom five institutions for the variable or ratio you have selected. For the full list of rankings, use the "Lists" option on the Reports page.

Note: Some variables are not available for all years. The year next to the variable name indicates the beginning year for that variable in the ARL data. A second date indicates the final year for which this variable was collected.

Single Variable or
Numerator (for ratio):
Denominator (for ratio):

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